Whats goin on…

Posted on 1 May 2011 by


The Bazaar location BEFORE I got stuck into it, stay tuned for this weeks butterfly like transformation!

Hey people,

Exciting times in Ennis, have been spending my nights sewing and furiously recycling items into decorations for the new bazaar, so far there have been over 600 feet of bunting, 60 meters of canvas and 5000 miles of travel done to try to secure everything we need.

Why the hell would I bother doing all this for no money? Cos its worth it, my town is worth it and the smiles will be worth it when this beautiful plan comes together.

Im setting up the stalls for a dry run on Friday the 6th of May in the courtyard beside the Usual Place pub on Market Street, do swing by and see for yourself! Ill be the stressed looking girl with the drill and no-one holding the ladder!



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