Advice for New Traders

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The stalls are set up ready for you and your goods on the day, only traders who book for 3 weeks are entitled to reserve particular positions. The rest of the stalls are allotted on a first come first serve basis

Stalls are brightly covered but you might like to bring some boxes you could cover to create stacks and height in your displays, dressing yourself up is also encouraged 🙂

Stalls out doors measure 6 foot by 2 foot and are canvas covered in red, yellow or green. Parasols offering shade from showers and sunshine are  distributed outdoors.There is some wall space with hangers behind some of the stalls which you are welcome to use to display your goods.These stalls cost ten euro per day

Stalls indoors are 6′ x 2.6′ and the same criteria as outdoor stalls apply.Some have more wall space than others and are reserved for art displays. These stalls cost 15 euro per day

Gates are open into the courtyard that the market is held in from 8 a.m. This yard is located beside the Usual Place pub in upper market street, opposite the location of the current Farmers Market on Saturday. You are free to set up any time you like but we suggest that it may be easier to park your car closeby before nine and move it then. The multistory car park at the bottom of the street is only 5 euro per day and is probably the best option for traders as it is close enough to walk (about 2 minutes away) One of your new neigbouring stall holders can watch your stuff for a bit

We suggest that you trade between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm as a minimum

The courtyard is pedestrianised and the following items are not allowed

Generators / Digital Music (live music will be provided each day) / Drugs of any kind  (alcohol, pills, ‘medicines’) / Dogs (we LOVE dogs but cannot handle the fall out from them at the moment) No Electrical equipment, as in kettles, heaters, etc, as we are not covered to have these in operation on premises./ No smoking in the bazaar, this is your place of work, not an ashtray, if you wish to smoke please do it outside the confines of the yard./Please, please take your rubbish home with you, otherwise we will bag it up and mail it to you. *

Bring your own goods and take your own rubbish home. Please leave the area as you find it. We will do our best to provide you with a safe, welcoming and fun environment to sell, trade and enjoy your time, we will do what we can to help you succeed.

If you need any further advice Ann never sleeps and is available at 0868422362 or simply drop us a line on Facebook:

* this list is not exhaustive and traders must agree to  act in the best interest of all parties involved.