Things I’d like to see in Ennis

Posted on 18 May 2011 by


Market Day in Ennis

I’d love to see empty shops being used in Ennis for the arts, dance shows, for creative workshops for young and old. Maintenance order on all main-street property owners to maintain the shopfronts and appearance of derelict properties.This would keep our lovely little town looking as good as it could as well as bringing communities together in shared social spaces.

Secure safe bike parks all round Ennis, park and cycle schemes, so people can enjoy the town and leave the car elsewhere. Rental schemes for bikes at the station so tourists stopping over can take a cycle round our lovely town for a hour.

Develop the post office field as a nature walk for one and all. Raised footpaths to allow access during winter, reintroduce more native duck species to the banks and reduce the numbers of geese.

Free parking in at least some of the town parking areas on Saturday. And somewhere to go for coffee between 6 and 9 that wasn’t a pub or chipper….

What would you like to see?