Let me tell you about Tess

Posted on 21 June 2011 by


Let me tell you about one of the weekly traders,  Tess, who  came laden with ideas, not just for what she would sell but for how much she could invest in herself and the scheme, her plans were so full it seems to miss out on only one ingredient…sleep.

Tess’ determination speaks volumes to me of what we can be when we are given opportunities, when the correct match is achieved between work and the individual. She has invested in signage, considered her branding, is actively promoting her products and will be engaging in free tasters with people on the streets of Ennis during bazaar days. Tess lets no-one pass her stall without offering a taste of something, she is the heart of the bazaar and we love her for it. THIS is business, this is learning and growing, and most importantly this is living. And this is just ONE of our traders.

Ennis Bazaar are delighted to welcome Tess and her baking, delights such as carrot and walnut cake with cream cheese topping or her own home made sourdough. Come down this week and get some before Ive eaten it all.