Contacting Us

If you want to get in touch you can email us at Call us on 086-8422362 or hook up with us on Facebook at

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  1. Caroline Purcell

    11 May 2011

    Hi Ann
    Love what you are doing with thei Bazarr!! I’m on the fundraising committee for Knockanean national School and we have just launched a CD of our school musicians & guest artist. I’d be interested in selling it from your bazarr. Could I just try it for one day – say next Fri 20th? Also could I bring a small cd player & have it playing (not too loud !!) It’s mainly trad music.


  2. So you’ve got my IP address?? Big deal. What you going to do?? Bully me more?? I wasn’t even engaging with you and you call my art ‘shite’. An apology should be forthcoming not a threat about my IP. You also have my name, home address, email address and mobile phone number all on my website too, you know. What’s the big deal about my IP address, just saying….

  3. I know Ennis very well. We’ve eaten in the old ground hotel and stayed in the temple gate hotel many times. we used to love ‘Mary’s of Ennis’ before it was turned into a chemists. We loved going out to Lahinch and Ennistymon and all those lovely spots from there. Yeah, I love Ennis. I think we’ll call down again very soon. 11-4 on Friday and Saturdays on Market Street you say? We’ll see you then.


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