What we are about

We aim to put the market back in The Market. One of the oldest parts of Ennis with wide streets and ample parking the Market has traditionally been the bartering centre of town, with people drawn from all over the county and afar to trade, to haggle, to show and to sell, to come together and communicate, to socialize, to share laughter, news and time with others. This is the key to healthy happy lives, bringing people together to help one another, to support one another and to unite together to overcome obstacles. The Market Bazaar will bring people together, it will unite and create an atmosphere that has long been absent in Ennis. Lets put the community back into the town, this is a social solution to a social problem.

What we offer:
Safe, secure, social shared space for traders within the centre of Ennis for as little as ten euro per day.Everything will be set up and waiting for you, you just bring the goods! Weekly advertising through social media and dedicated Internet site. Advertising year round for local and tourist visitors to the space. Start your own business without crippling overheads or advertise your existing enterprise in a busy area of town.
Garage Sale, Boot Sale, eBay’ers. Clean out your garage, overhaul your wardrobe, get rid of your toy collection, sell those old books, music or movies. Clear out that stack of comics, lego or wigs. De-clutter your home and make some money from it. Sell your shoes, your handbags, your figurines, offload the old bikes, create space in your home and life.
Artists, craft workers, designers, artisans of all manner of items, if you want a place to sell your goods and talents direct we offer both indoor and outdoor pitches and space where you can sell and showcase your work directly to a wide variety of customers in the centre of Ennis. Along with wall space for exhibition work.
Cooks, farmers, growers, maker and bakers. Want to bring your tasty treats to more mouths, more often? Then pick up a stall on more Market Days .

Small business owners, bring your product to a wider audience who can finally see what you can offer in person, meet new customers, show your wares and do it in a fun, social space. Rent for a day and help your business grow!
Community Groups, do you need to up your profile, meet new members, have a space in Ennis to hold meetings, advertise your presence, showcase your work? Use our community boards, take a stand, and make your mark.

Buskers, need a space to entertain, to uplift and become part of a new community? We want you to play here! Come and set up in our tunes corner.
contact Ann on 086-8422362 for details and bookings, places limited, opening May 13th

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