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10 common fallacies

June 6, 2011 by


Ten common fallacies you should all know Fallacies: Incorrect or misleading beliefs or opinions based on inaccurate facts or invalid reasoning. Ad Hominem When someone attacks the person instead of the argument. Example: “Jenny’s just a stupid blonde on  the dole.  Why would you ever consider her strategy for getting a job.” “Mike cheated on […]

How to loose weight

June 5, 2011 by


It’s time to quit fooling yourself into thinking there is an easier way. There are no special berries, formulas, or miracle pills and your current height, weight, and age doesn’t matter. Stick to the following schedule and you WILL lose weight. Men Eat 1800 Calories a Day Example Schedule: Breakfast: Eat 500 calories (When you […]


June 4, 2011 by


Heres what went down this Friday…. Firstly the umbrellas, then the ice-creams Also on hand we had

Welcome to Ennis Market Bazaar

March 14, 2011 by


We aim to put the market back in The Market. One of the oldest parts of Ennis with wide streets and ample parking the Market has traditionally been the bartering centre of town, with people drawn from all over the county and afar to trade, to haggle, to show and to sell, to come together […]